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What is the Aviator Betting Game?

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The Aviator betting game is quickly becoming one of the most popular online casino games in the crash game category, despite only being introduced in 2019. In Aviator, players place a bet just before a plane takes off, and they watch the flight of this plane as it determines the multiplier value. The goal is to cash out their winnings before the plane flies out of sight.

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How does the Aviator Game work?

The Aviator is a crash-style casino game. Players start the game by placing one or two bets just before the plane on the screen takes off. At the start of each round, the plane takes off and shows a multiplier that determines your winnings. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier value and the higher your winnings. To collect winnings, players have to cash out before the plane flies away.

Why we love the Aviator Game!

Instant payouts: Once players cashout, funds are instantly available for withdrawal.

Easy Gameplay: The game can be played by virtually anyone as it is super easy to grasp.

Demo mode: Play the game without risking cash and learn how to win big.

Auto-Bet and Auocashout: Never miss a round, never miss a chance to win.

How to play the Aviator Betting Game for real money

Aviator game capture

Follow the simple steps listed here to play the Aviator game:

  • The first step is to place a bet. You can place a bet by inputting an amount and simply clicking the green “Bet” icon.
  • When the countdown expires, the Aviator will start flying and your win multiplier will keep increasing. A higher multiplier gives higher wins.
  • You can cash out at any time to collect your winnings or wait longer for the opportunity to win more. Cashout can be done by clicking the yellow cashout tab on the screen.
  • If the plane flies away, the game is over and any bets not cashed out will be lost.
  • Repeat the game to try again.

Where to play the Aviator Game for real money in Egypt

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How to Predict and Win Aviator game

You should always keep in mind that the Aviator game is totally unpredictable. It uses a random number generator, which means there is sadly no surefire way to win. However, experienced players use strategies to increase their chances of winning. Here are the basics:

Keep within your spending limits

When playing the Aviator game, you can place two bets. Typically, one of these bets (usually the larger one) is cashed out early at 1.50x multiplier or higher. This will cover both the large bet and the small bet. The other bet is held until the odds are higher before cashing out. This helps you avoid losing money.

Low Bets and low volatility

This strategy involves betting low amounts and cashing out when the multiplier reaches a value between 1.10x and 1.40x. After a few successful rounds, the player can gradually increase their bets while sticking to the same multiplier range to build their winnings without the risk of losing it all in one go.

High Stakes and Fast cash-outs

With Aviator, you have the option to set high stakes and cash out at very low multiplier values. This approach ensures that even if your plane doesn’t fly for long, you’ll still have the opportunity to make a good profit. By cashing out at lower multipliers, you’re able to make small profits that can add up to a significant win while reducing the risk of losing your bets.

1xBet Aviator mini Review

At 1xBet, players are not just given the best odds to bet on, but also the best selection of online games. With more than 50 options to choose from, you’re sure to find a game that fits your style. We recommend you give the Aviator game on 1xBet a shot. This is because Aviator is the most played game on 1xBet and is the number one game when it comes to player wins.

200% Bonus up to 8,060 EGP. Code: 1XPBS

Play Aviator at 1xBet

Aviator Game Features

In-Game Chat

The Aviator game ensures that players replicate the excitement of a real casino. Using the in-game chat, players can interact with one another. This enhances the overall excitement of the game, as players can discuss strategies and place bets together in real time.

Auto Cash Out

This tool helps you cash out your bets without having to do it yourself. You choose the multiplier you want to cash out, and the game will automatically cash out your bet when the multiplier is reached.

Live Bets 

The Live Bets tab displays the bets other players have placed and how much they have won during the current round. This information can be used to improve your betting strategy in the game.

Demo mode

The Demo version or “Fun mode” allows players to try out the game without investing real money. This allows players to get a feel for the game, try out different strategies, and learn how to play before committing to playing for real.

Aviator Bonuses and Promotions

Rain Bonus

This special promo adds random free bets to the game chat, and it’s up for grabs for anyone quick enough to claim it. When you see the Rain Bonus appear, you must tap the “Claim” button as quickly as possible to enjoy this lovely bonus.

Aviator tournaments 

These are in-game tournaments that give you a chance to earn bonus points while playing the game. You participate by simply placing bets and gaining points for each win. At the end of the tournament, the players with the most points will be awarded free bets, cash rewards, or other special prizes.

How to withdraw money from Aviator

You can withdraw your winnings from Aviator by following these simple steps

  • Log in to your 1xBet account.
  • Go to the withdrawal section.
  • Choose your withdrawal method and fill in the appropriate information.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Verify and confirm your withdrawal details.
  • Wait for processing to receive your winnings.

It is important to note that when you win a bet, you get your winnings from the bookmaker, not the game. The game helps you place bets, but the bookmaker takes care of your money and handles withdrawals.

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