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About the Premier Betting Sites

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Here at Premier Betting Sites, our team always works hard to ensure our audience has the best online sports betting experience possible. We’re an expert team who have all worked in the online betting industry across the world for over 50 combined years (10 each!) and have a passion for sports and gambling. But, most importantly of all, we also have a passion for helping others to have great experiences too.

How we review and rate the bookies in Africa

Our reviews and scoring system factor in the key areas, to keep the scoring system fair we give each bookie a score based on their offerings:

Value for money is also a consideration, ease of use and trust/integrity. We believe these 3 areas are the most important for our readers when choosing an online sportsbook, and therefore we prioritize them above all when making our decisions. Sports betting and the world of online bookies can be confusing places. However, with a simple and to-the-point score system, you can easily compare the competition without spending hours reading in-depth reviews and opinion pieces!

Ease of Sign up

We also review the sign up process and have included an in depth guide to each bookie in South African:

We hope you enjoy our site, appreciate our short reviews, scores and summaries, and that the content goes some way towards helping you find a bookie that meets your needs.

Because we value our readers, and we believe transparency is critical online, we want also to make it clear that our business is funded by affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what that is, it means that when you click through a link from one of our reviews or tables, we will be compensated, if you choose to register with a sportsbook. This will not impact your experience in any way whatsoever. We also will never accept money for players from a sportsbook that we do not trust, and would not play with ourselves. Some things are more important than money, and our reputation and your experience come first.

Any commission we receive helps us keep our site running and allows us to keep the experience accessible for our users.

Betting Partners

We occasionally work with various other organisations within the betting community.

Our Reviewers

We believe the only way to review bookies in South Africa is to be local South Africa bookie reviewers.

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