Betway Book-A-Bet Guide: Share Your Bets with Friends



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Terms & Conditions apply 18+ only | Gamble responsibly |
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What is Betway Book A Bet 

Betway offers a convenient feature called “Book-A-Bet” that allows players to share their bets with friends in two easy ways.

The first option involves creating a bet, and once the bookmaker confirms it, a unique code will be generated on the screen. You can then easily share this code with friends through email, SMS, or social media.

Alternatively, you can use the “Book” button, which allows you to create a bet and share it with your friends before confirming the bet.

During gameplay, you can access the “Multi Bet” tab on the bet slip and simply enter the unique code in the search bar. This action will enable you to create a bet with similar selections to the original one.

With Betway’s Book-a-Bet feature, sharing and recreating bets with friends becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. Besides Betway, you can also enjoy this feature on other bookmakers like Gbets and Hollywoodbets.

Book-A-Bet process

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How Betway Book-A-Bet works

Here are two simple methods to share your bets with friends, giving them a chance to win as well:

Option 1

Share your bet while placing it on Betway

  • Visit the Betway site and add at least two selections to your bet slip.
  • Go to your bet slip and enter your stake.
  • Confirm your bet by clicking “Bet Now.”
  • A popup will appear displaying your Bet ID and Booking Code.

Option 2

Share your bet without placing it on Betway

  • Visit the Betway site and add at least two selections to your bet slip.
  • Click “Book” to generate a booking code without placing the bet.
  • Share your bet via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or email.
  • Anyone can now enter your booking code at the top of their bet slip to generate a bet with the same selections.
  • If you want to keep your bet for later, write down or save your booking code because it disappears after you close the window.

How to Use a Betway Booking Code

To retrieve saved bets or copy a friend’s bet for a chance to win, follow these straightforward steps on Betway:

  • Visit the Betway site.
  • Click the bet slip and enter your booking code into the search bar.
  • Click the magnifying glass to find your bet after entering the booking code.
  • The system will automatically fill your bet slip with selections from the relevant booking code.
  • Make any desired changes and click “Bet Now” to confirm your bet.
Betway Bet slip

How to generate a unique Book-A-Bet code?

Book-a-Bet offers simple ways to share your bets with friends:

  • Create your bet and confirm it to receive a unique code.
  • Share the code on social media, SMS, or email.
  • Alternatively, create a bet and tap the Book button to generate a code without placing the bet.
  • Friends can use the unique code in the Multi Bet tab to create a bet with the same selections.

Betway Book-A-Bet terms & conditions

Players using the Book-A-Bet option must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Book-A-Bet feature is available only for pre-match events. The system generates only codes for matches that haven’t started yet.
  • Players can generate a Betway bet slip code booking code through the Multi Bet tab.
  • Betslips created from booking codes are flexible, allowing players to add, remove, or alter selections.
  • Any fraudulent use of the Book-A-Bet option will result in the suspension or closure of the player’s account.
  • Betway reserves the right to deny the use of booking codes to any player without explanation.
  • You cannot use Book-A-Bet with other Betway promotional offers as it is an independent product.
  • Bets will be cancelled for customers who wager on events in which they are directly involved as coaches, referees, or participants. Sharing such bets is not allowed.
  • Please note that Betway will not be held responsible for any errors in publishing or announcing venues and results displayed on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Betway booking codes work?

The purpose of Betway bet slip codes is to facilitate easy sharing of the same bets among friends and like-minded bettors, creating a more social betting experience.

How can I obtain codes for Betway?

As a customer placing or creating bets, you can generate booking codes within the bet slip to share with others. Alternatively, interested bettors can find codes on various social media platforms and messenger services.

How do I enter a Betway bet code?

After acquiring a Betway bet code, log into your account and open the bet slip on your mobile device. Click on the multi-bet tab and paste the code into the search bar. The system will create an identical bet slip with the same selections.

How do I use my Betway code?

Using the bet code is optional; you can choose to wager or discard it. If you find the bet appealing, simply add your stake in the provided slip to participate in the action. Remember that the odds might have changed since you generated the code

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