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The English Premier League concluded on 28th May with Manchester City beating Arsenal to the title with two matches to go. 

As the final whistle blew on yet another thrilling Premier League season, a staggering £2.5bn in prize money and broadcast revenue was distributed among the 20 clubs. Remarkably, reigning champions Manchester City claimed a hefty sum of over £160m, while even relegated Southampton managed to pocket a substantial £100m despite their disappointing performance.

Chelsea and Liverpool faced the greatest setbacks as they missed out on securing Champions League spots, which could have potentially earned them an additional £100m in the subsequent season. Participating in this prestigious tournament holds significant financial value for clubs, making their exclusion a considerable loss.

If Pep Guardiola’s men successfully accomplish the remarkable feat of securing the treble, they stand to earn a staggering sum of nearly £270m. Adding to their potential windfall, defeating Manchester United in the FA Cup final on Saturday at Wembley would grant them an additional £4m. While this amount may seem relatively modest in comparison to the immense rewards in the other two competitions, it still contributes to the substantial riches that could await City in their pursuit of historic success.

Securing victory in the Champions League final would bring an additional £95m to Manchester City’s coffers, further augmenting the substantial £90m they have already secured for reaching the ultimate showdown against Inter Milan.

Counting losses 

The Blues are poised to suffer a substantial loss of at least £70m due to their 12th-place finish and consequent absence from European competitions. Similarly, Liverpool faces a financial setback of £50m for their Europa League participation, while Tottenham is expected to miss out on a similar amount due to their underwhelming campaign.

Using data from last season’s financial reports of various clubs and considering the impact of increased TV revenues, here are the estimated earnings for each Premier League team in the 2022-23 season.

Based on last season’s figures, here is the prize money breakdown for each team if the current campaign were to end today.

Premier League prize money

The full list of 20 top Premier League Prize Money recipients:

  1. Manchester City £170m
  2. Arsenal £167.8m
  3. Manchester United £165.5m
  4. Newcastle United £163.4m
  5. Liverpool £161.2m
  6. Brighton £159m
  7. Aston Villa £156.8m
  8. Tottenham Hotspur £154.6m
  9. Brentford £152.4m
  10. Fulham £150.2m
  11. Crystal Palace £148m
  12. Chelsea £145.8m
  13. Wolves £143.6m
  14. West Ham £141.4m
  15. Bournemouth £139.2m
  16. Nottingham Forest £137m
  17. Everton £134.8m
  18. Leicester £132.6m
  19. Leeds £130.4m
  20. Southampton £128.2m

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