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Terms & Conditions apply 18+ only | Gamble responsibly |
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A Step-by-Step Guide:

Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank that offers various financial services, including a method of payment called the Capitec Payment Method. We’ll be looking at how to combine Betway & Capitec.

The bank provides its customers with different payment options commonly used in the banking industry. These options typically include electronic funds transfers (EFTs), debit card payments, online banking transfers, mobile banking payments, and cash deposits at Capitec Bank branches or ATMs.

In this article, we will explore the exciting news that Capitec, South Africa’s second-largest retail bank, now offers the option to purchase Betway vouchers. This development is a welcome development for the increasing number of punters who rely on Capitec for their banking requirements. With Betway vouchers now easily accessible through Capitec, obtaining them is a breeze and just a few clicks away!

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Why buy Betway voucher using Capitec?

The combination of Capitec’s trusted banking services and the availability of Betway vouchers creates a seamless and convenient experience for customers. Punters can now conveniently manage their banking and betting activities in one place, simplifying their overall betting journey.

Buying Betway vouchers using Capitec couldn’t be easier with our step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re an existing Capitec customer or considering joining the bank, the ability to purchase Betway vouchers will surely add value to your betting experience.

Discover how Capitec and Betway have come together to provide punters with an enhanced and user-friendly approach to acquiring Betway vouchers, catering to the needs of the modern bettor in South Africa.

How to download the Capitec app 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download the Capitec App:

Capitec App
  • Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Search for “Capitec”
  • Once the installation is complete open the app.
  • You will need your username and password in hand, gracefully log in and embrace the world of possibilities that lie within.

Depositing Funds on Betway with Capitec

When making a Betway deposit using Capitec, the transaction is processed through Ozow, and the following steps are required to top up your account:

  • Visit the Betway website and access your account and select “Deposit Funds”.
  • Choose the “Capitec by Ozow” deposit option.
  • Enter the desired deposit amount and click “Proceed”.
  • Provide your Capitec Account Number or Username as requested.
  • Below that, enter your Capitec Password or Remote PIN for verification purposes.
  • Click on “Login” to proceed with the login process.
  • Complete the necessary authorization steps required by your bank.
  • Once your transaction has been successfully processed, you can begin placing your bets and enjoy the thrilling world of online betting!

By following these formal steps, you can securely deposit funds into your Betway account using Capitec through the reliable processing services of Ozow.

In addition, you have the option to deposit using either a Credit/Debit Card or Capitec by Betway Pay.

For Credit/Debit Card deposits, simply provide your Capitec card details to experience an immediate reflection of funds in your Betway account. This method is free and provides instant processing. The minimum deposit amount is 10.00, while the maximum is 1000000.00.

With Capitec by Betway Pay, you can make secure EFT payments directly from your Capitec account. Select Capitec by Betway Pay, enter your online banking details, and complete the authorization request to finalize the payment.

Withdrawing from Betway with Capitec

To initiate a withdrawal from your account to your Capitec account, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to your Betway account and navigate to the withdrawal option, in the menu.
  • Choose the EFT withdrawal method & Enter your Account Holder Name
  • Select Capitec and enter the Branch and Branch Code
  • Select Bank Account Type and enter your Bank Account Number.
  • Once you have completed the withdrawal request, your funds should be transferred within 1-2 working days.

There is a minimum withdrawal limit of R 50.00 and a maximum withdrawal limit of R 1 000 000.00 into your Capitec account.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Capitec have an App?

Yes, Capitec Bank has a mobile banking app available for download. The Capitec app allows customers to conveniently access and manage their accounts, perform transactions, and enjoy various banking services from the comfort of their mobile devices. It provides a user-friendly interface and a range of features to enhance the banking experience for Capitec customers.

How else can I buy Betway vouchers using Capitec?

Besides using your Capitec debit or credit card to purchase Betway vouchers at retailers, you can also download the 1Voucher App, transfer funds from your Capitec bank account, and buy Betway vouchers online for easier access.

What are the deposit limits when using Capitec on Betway?

When depositing using Capitec, the minimum amount allowed is R10, while the maximum deposit limit is set at R1 million.

Are there any fees associated with depositing on Betway using Capitec?

Betway does not charge any fees for deposits made using Capitec. However, it is important to note that Capitec Bank may have its own fee structure for certain transactions. 

It is advisable to review Capitec’s fee schedule or contact their customer support for specific information regarding any potential fees associated with using Capitec for deposits on Betway.

Can I use both my Capitec debit card and credit card to make a deposit on Betway?

Yes, you can use both your Capitec debit card and credit card to make a deposit on Betway. Betway accepts payments from both types of cards, providing flexibility and convenience for customers who prefer to use either their debit or credit card for funding their betting account.

What happens if my deposit attempt using Capitec on Betway fails?

In the event that your deposit attempt using Capitec on Betway fails, it is recommended to check your transaction details and ensure that the provided information, such as the card details and amount, is accurate. If the issue persists, it is advisable to contact Betway’s customer support for assistance. They will be able to investigate the matter, provide guidance, and help resolve any potential issues preventing the successful deposit.

Is it safe and secure to deposit on Betway using Capitec?

Yes, it is safe and secure to deposit using Capitec. Both prioritize the security of their customers’ financial transactions. They employ industry-standard encryption protocols and security measures to safeguard personal and financial information.

Can I deposit on Betway using Capitec’s mobile banking app?

Yes, you can deposit funds on Betway using Capitec’s mobile banking app. The app provides a convenient platform for managing your Capitec bank account, allowing you to initiate deposits to your betting account securely and efficiently.

How long does it take for a deposit on Betway using Capitec to be credited to my betting account?

Deposits made using Capitec are instantly credited to your betting account, allowing you to start playing and enjoying the games without any delay.

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